Frendzy Concept Released By Renault

October 05, 2011 at 06:32 pm By Susie Middleton | Posted in Electric Cars

A new electric concept vehicle has been released by French automaker Renault. The Frendzy has been used by Renault to show off its new innovations and developments in the electric vehicle industry.

Frendzy is a multi-faceted friend

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The fourteen foot long Frendzy is powered by the same system as that of the Renault Kangoo Z.E. Although the range of the battery was not issued, the manufacturer claims the vehicle powers up to eighty mph.

The Frendzy has been designed, according to Renault, as an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). Apparently, it can change from a commuter's horse to a family-transporting car at the weekends. Renault state:

On weekdays, Frendzy is a vehicle that adapts to the requirements of the business user, with a large external screen that can display useful messages or information or advertising messages, either while parked or on the move. Come the weekend, the vehicle transforms itself into a family vehicle, with a comfortable passenger seat and, in the rear, a big bench seat. Depending on their mood of the moment, children can watch a film or play games on the touch-sensitive pad which slides out from the back of the driver's seat. They can even draw on a special slate integrated into the sliding door.

The car is a "multi-faceted friend" that automatically performs certain functions, such as changing the angle of the exterior mirrors, setting the interior mood lighting, and altering the vehicle's pedestrian warning system as the Frendzy transforms from "work" to "family" mode.

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