New Bentley On The Horizon?

September 15, 2011 at 06:15 pm By Susie Middleton | Posted in First Look

It has been greatly speculated about in recent months, as to whether Bentley will be creating a new and improved Continental for us to feast upon. Well, it seems that word is out that this indeed will be the case, and we cannot wait.

GT2 Continental Arriving Soon

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A report by AutoExpress claims that a GT2 model of its famous Continental will be placed on sale within the next 12 months. This, apparently, has come straight from the horse's mouth - from big boss Wolfgang Durheimer. The rumour mill has been placed into overdrive as everyone is now wondering what will be used to power the new machine from Bentley.

In the past, a W12 powertrain has been regularly used, and this has been perfectly acceptable, of course. Who can say no to 550bhp? Well, times have moved on a bit, and people are looking for a bit more grunt out of their supercars these days. The story suggests that the new GT2 will satisfy our desires by delivering a whopping 650bhp. A huge leap from the base model. Furthermore, Bentley has somehow managed to cut the fat off the Continental - a giant slim-down of over 440 pounds! This car will certainly shift! A 0-60mph time is believed to be below four seconds.

To shed this wait, Bentley may lose their all-wheel drive system, and some believe a forced-induction V8 engine will be used instead. Let's wait and see!

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