The New Seat Mii

Claimed as "the perfect vehicle for today's urban lifestyle," Seats new city car, the Mii is to be released within the year.

The perfect city car?

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The problems of driving in the city are all solved, apparently, by the Mii. It has been billed to improve practicality, driving fun, efficiency and use innovative technology.

First off, parking the thing becomes a great deal easier as it measures just 3.55 metres in length. Despite this, 4 people can fit inside easily, so that's a big tick right there.

What is particularly remarkable is the Mii's City Safety Assist. If a dangerous situation arises, the system warns the driver, or just brakes the car itself, through use of a laser sensor which detects vehicles in front.

Spain, the home of SEAT, will be the location of the Mii's debut, at the end of this year. Europe will be able to purchase this fascinating little car by Spring 2012. A brand-new 1.0-litre petrol powertrain will be used, in either 60 or 75 PS outputs.