Top Concepts From Geneva, Part One

August 09, 2011 at 04:06 pm By Susie Middleton | Posted in First Look

At this year's Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland, the top manufacturers turned up in force as they unveiled their new vehicles. Some of these will be shortly going into production within the year, whilst some are just concepts. These concepts can come in all manner of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, and are often just used to show off a firm's new technology or design ideas.

New B-Max and Mazda on show

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Two stand out concepts this year came from Ford and Mazda respectively. Firstly, the Ford B-Max. This model, or something similar, will actually be coming into production late in 2012. It is the American's new supermini-MPV, complete with a small surprise.

The distinguishable feature in the B-Max are its sliding rear doors, and the lack of a pillar between the front and the rear, allowing for huge and easy access.

The car will soon be replacing the Fusion, which has already had its diesel line dismantled, and will completely end production by the end of this year.

Another interesting vehicle from the show was the Minagi, from Japanese giant Mazda. It is expected to join the range as a CX-branded off-roader car, just below the CX-7. It will be produced early next year, and will be the first vehicle in Mazda's Skyactiv series. This is a new development by Mazda, where all manner of engine refinements and adaptions to the whole mechanical body will be made in order to improve gas emissions and economy.

It should mean that the Minagi will be pumping out less than 120g/km in CO2, despite have a 2.2-litre diesel powertrain.

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